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Software I developed and models of generative AI I fine-tuned. All for free.

ChatGPT Plugins

Chat Feed Sync
Idea Organiser
Fake AGI
Chat Stack Search
CodeCast Wandbox
Only Trivia Up!
Sentence Beasts
Chat Raku Journey

PC Software

ゆっくり表情差分メーカー(Yukkuri Expression Difference Maker)

Generative AI Models


About This Site

On this site, we create tools utilizing generative AI and explore the possibilities of generative AI.

Lacking time and motivation for building large software like buildings, I chose the handle 'inugoya' with the intention of at least completing a doghouse.

The previous '' domain was used for its low price and short length, but due to spam and weak SEO, it was changed to ''.

Also, we aim to monetize.

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